Bitcoins are making millionaires. Bitcoin is a fraud. The world seems to see all cryptocurrencies in this dichotomy. There is a hidden danger in things that are all the buzz but not really understood.

Cryptocurrencies have breached the floodgates of institutional adoption. The hawkish stance of state regulators, government institutions, and the financial sector proclaimed bitcoin and similar currencies a fraud. Nowadays, swarming to over 100 million users, it is viewed in a new light.

Banks, governments, and financial institutions seem to enter the world of crypto. Bitcoin is now seen as an alternative store of value, much like digital gold. However, with the rise of decentralized finances, alternative banking, and the birth of new economies, bitcoin is getting attention from traders.

There is money to be made in crypto, that’s clear. How exactly, that’s not always easy to understand. Masses connect crypto with the glitz and glamour of tech-wizards and entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Indeed, whenever there is a piece of news involving cryptocurrencies in traditional media, bitcoins are connected to blockchain startups, biz wizards, and hackers. What common people know is that somehow, somewhere, someone is making loads of wealth with bitcoin.

Thus it was a smart marketing move to name the crypto trading platform Anon System, as it brings the flavor of something powerful, secretive, technologically cutting edge. Decentralized blockchain technologies are all about privacy, so the Anon System is an apt name for something dealing with bitcoin. Something brave and bold, defying the institutions, something working for the Little Man, placing financial stability in the hands of simple folks, like you and me.

Anon System Review

What is the Anon System? Actually, it’s not really explained in clear layman terms on the homepage. It is only implied that Anon System is some sort of trading platform where investors can deal with cryptocurrency, assets, CFD, and Forex trading.

The first juicy section of the homepage appeals to everyone’s desire to secure some semblance of privacy in the world where Big Brother is obviously watching us. It seems from the description that Anon System is some sort of framework used to make your transactions secure and safe from the government and financial institutions.

The next passage explains why there are no fees, no charges, no commissions. It sounds like some rogue, maverick, anarchist group delivering free service to the working class. There is a sense of rebellious spirit, sticking it to the Man if you join up.

The platform seems, though it is never clearly stated, a crypto exchange of some sort, offering to trade in cryptocurrencies (probably spot trading), but also assets trade, CFD trade, and Forex.

CFD trading is actually a form of betting. You don’t have to own cryptocurrency, but you can bet on the price going up or down. It is very much similar to trading futures. CFD trading seems very simple, as with the right guess you make a profit, and if not, you lose your bet.

Red flags start right here. First of all, in the world of crypto frauds, a lot can be gleaned from the way less than reputable platforms copy each other’s style. The look and feel of the website, the promises made, the honest attempt to warn you of the risks, the same signup forms, and copy-paste paid reviews spewing forth a lot of explanations that boil down to the following.

Quick and fast onboarding (another red flag, as most of the crypto exchanges, insist on several steps of verification), low entry bar ($250 to start trading, another red flag, as real crypto exchanges have no limits, you can start with a $1), and promises of high yields.

There are no team details on the about us section, the only contact is through the form, no social media links. All other crypto exchange platforms have an extensive presence on Telegram and Twitter, and their customer service is transparent and accessible.

Signup is done through name, email, and phone number, which is again, not the standard practice of respectable platforms. Scanning at TrustPilot reveals random fake reviews. The most obvious, almost hilarious is the one-star review which actually praises the System.

So, while never stating it on the actual website of the platform, it is revealed on Trustpilot and other review sites that Anon System is a trading bot. While those do exist, they are still in their infancy. No crypto trading bot is reliable.

They are not true AI expert systems, but simple automation tools which are useful to those deeply invested in trading, those who understand technical analysis, and those who are patiently into long-game of investment.

Even then, the profits are not huge, as the real decadent yields are hiding in the deep end of decentralized finances and altcoins, not in the bitcoin trade. There are lending platforms and crypto savings accounts, but they typically yield anywhere from 4.8% to 12%, not the outrageous amounts that Anon System reviewers promise.

Compared to similar fraudulent platforms, Bitcoin Champion and Bitcoin Circuit, Anon System’s website has a better copy but ultimately raises many red flags. Every legitimate crypto exchange transparently declares its fees. There are no free, zero transaction exchanges, and Anon System never explains how they make a profit if the is such a zero-fee policy involved.

The lack of a mobile app is another red flag. Most crypto exchanges offer a mobile app, not only the biggest players on the market but also regular local exchanges. Even the fake reviews report as one of the con arguments debatable ownership identity.

If you are looking to earn money in crypto trading, it is much safer to look elsewhere. For the newbie investors, it is a much better approach to take their funds to Coinbase or Binance or another beginner-friendly platform. For those who just want to deposit their funds and see some yield, Celsius or BlockFi are the perfect solutions.

Any trader who has at least intermediate knowledge and experience will surely stay clear of Anon System and seek their fortune on more reputable trading platforms, like KuCoin, Kraken. If you are really seeking trade robots, try Pionex.